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                                                   Emily Van Cleve


   The lyrical and rhythmic flow in Emily Van Cleve's acrylic paintings reveals the prominent
        role that music and dance have played throughout the artist's life. Emily, who grew
         up in New England and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico after graduating from
           Williams College, had been a student of ballet and a professional classical
                        pianist who also had ventured into the world of composing. 

         Although music had been part of Emily's life since childhood, she realized
              during her college years that she felt most comfortable hanging out
                  with members of the visual arts community. "In 2003, when I
                     realized my career as a musician had to come to an end,
                                  I knew I wanted to delve into painting." 
 Emily has been exhibiting her vibrant abstract paintings in solo and group shows since 2009.
                             "Art is not only the beautiful, the pretty and sweet.
                         Let's get some 'guts' and body to our forms and color."
                                                  (Raymond Jonson)




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