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                      Emily Van Cleve: Interactive Form-Driven Abstraction

                  My work is about relationships, from the intimate, to the spiritual, to the global
                       and beyond. I am interested in intersections; the places where we connect                                                      physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.
                      I tap into energy that is the source of passion and experiences. Undulating
                         organic-like forms embody the energy. Through interaction with each
                                other and with their environment, these forms engage in the
                                         expression of personal and universal connections.
While colors are saturated, they are tempered in their intensity to keep them
                        in balance with one another. I am inspired by Aldous Huxley's statement, 
                             "bright, pure colors are of
 the essence, not of beauty in general, 
                                           but only of a special kind of beauty, the visionary." 


                                                             Germination (2)


            "When I see myself in the work, I will know that that is the work I am supposed to do."

                                                                 Agnes Martin















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